Tagging Items

Sellers tag and price all of their own items. In order to keep the Five and Dime Kids Sale organized and easy-to-shop, we require that all sellers' tags are of a similar format.


  • Card stock (see details on color choices below under "Making Tags")
  • Painter's Tape for books and puzzles (and anything that might rip when the tape is pulled off)
  • Clear packaging tape (not the cheap stuff as it is difficult to remove and leaves residue)
  • Wire hangers
  • Safety pins
  • String or zipties for securing shoes together and for securing items with multiple pieces together.
  • Scissors
  • Red pin for items that you do not want to sell for half price on Saturday

Making Tags

  • Tags must be on card stock.

    Items tagged on WHITE cardstock may be picked up following the sale
    Items tagged on ANY other color than white will be donated following the sale.

    Important: Please do not tag on beige/light tan/sand colored cardstock as it's confusing for volunteers who are sorting items for pick-up and your items may not be returned to you following the sale. Also, please do not tag on red cardstock due to the use of red pens on 1/2 price day.

  • Circle an item's price in RED if you DO NOT wish to sell that item for half price on the last day of the sale. Prices circled in anything besides red will be sold for half price.

Handwritten Tags

Tags must be approximately 2.5 x 2.5 inches and printed clearly.

hand-written tag

Printed Tags

Upon registration you will receive an Excel spreadsheet with detailed instructions.

printed tag

Tags must NOT:

  • Have anything scratched out
  • Be written in light ink or pencil
  • Be made of lightweight paper
  • Be covered with a sticker.

NOTE: Do not reuse the back of an old tag.

Tagging clothing and shoes

  • All clothing items must be hung on WIRE COAT HANGERS with the hook facing left. It will look like a question mark.
  • Attach tags with a safety pin in the upper right side of the garment. Items with straight pins will NOT be accepted.
  • Ensure garments are securely hung. Hang shirts directly ON THE HANGER (Smaller sized shirts and onesies DO FIT on hangers. Bend the hanger if you have to.) Items pinned to the hanger, without being hung on the hanger, will not be accepted. Secure shirts with safety pins only if they might fall off during shopping. Attach pants, shorts, and skirts through the waistband with safety pins.
  • Hang two-piece outfits on the same hanger with the pieces back to back as pictured (below). Hang shirt directly ON THE HANGER and pin bottom to the other side of the hanger with front facing out. Pin bottoms to the hanger, not the back of the shirt. Do not group items as an outfit if they are different sizes.
  • Secure shoes together using plastic cable ties (available at hardware stores) or twine. Attach tags with safety pins, being careful not to damage the shoe. Use ziplock bags only for shoes that cannot be attached to each other.

tag placement

2 piece outfit - front

2 piece outfit - back


two-piece front

(Shirt is hung directly ON THE HANGER)


Tagging other items

  • Toys with Small Pieces: Put small pieces into a ziploc bag sealed with packing tape, tape or cable tie the bag to the toy, and safety pin the tag to the bag.
  • Items with Multiple Pieces: Tag each piece with your code, a brief description, and “1 of 2”, “2 of 2”, etc.; however, only write the item's price on the main tag. If the item has small pieces, they should be packaged securely in clear plastic bags and attached using tape, safety pins, or cable ties.
  • Books: Use painters tape so the cover does not tear when the tag is removed at checkout.
  • Puzzles: Use painters tape, ziplock bags, or plastic wrap secured with tape. Please check that puzzle is not missing pieces and note this on your tag.
  • Board Games: When tagging board games, rubber-band boxes or tape them with painters tape. Secure small pieces in a plastic bag inside the box. Please check that games are not missing pieces and note this on the tag.